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Let us help you keep pace with regulatory demand, provide strategic guidance, and drive sustainable growth through the following services:



Compliance and financial crime departments are overstretched and oftentimes, under resourced. Your company can benefit from empowering these departments by doubling down on value and outsourcing the cost of meeting regulatory expectations and requirements to Barley Harbour, leaving scope and time for you to focus on your core strategies and products.



Good compliance is good business – clients expect it and regulators demand it. Barley Harbour can provide tailor made consultancy solutions based on the needs of your organisation, whether it’s a one off regulatory, compliance or financial crime project or longer term need that requires more visits over a 6-12 month period.

Training +


We help firms navigate the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, assisting firms in their interpretation, design and implementation of controls. Our training increases cultural confidence and leads to more appropriate behaviour, ensuring demonstrable compliance with obligations flowing from legislation and regulation

Projects + 


An organisation's long term objectives can be frustrated by the day to day demands of managing all aspects of compliance and financial crime frameworks. Barley Harbour can execute on those activities formerly dealt with in-house leaving your organisation time to concentrate on core strategies. 

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