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Having spent close to 25 years working in Financial Services in the US, Europe and Middle East, Brendan Leddy our Founder launched Barley Harbour - a professional services company focused on providing compliance, risk and financial crime services.

With the breadth of experience we have gained, we have set up a business to address the one constant we have seen globally - compliance, risk and financial crime teams always seem stretched! The ever changing regulatory environment, which shows no signs of slowing down, means there is often a need for external resources to compliment in-house specialist teams, but getting this resource right can sometimes be a challenge.

This is where access to Barley Harbour's independent and transparent support can assist you and insulate your organisation from the effects of non-compliance and/or falling foul of regulatory expectations.

"Barley Harbour has consistently provided professional, comprehensive and timely advice allowing our firm to focus on our core business". Andrew Moorfield, Managing Partner, Alphier Capital.

For a no-obligation initial consultation, please do get in touch.

Given the significance of accountability within the financial services sector, how confident are you - the senior management - of your compliance, risk and financial crime frameworks?

Barley Harbour can help you cut through the noise.

the team


... is what sets us apart. We create long term value by working with passion, expertise and unparalleled commitment to the industry and our clients.

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